ProfiTreat INX
Professional stainless steel cleaner

Work areas in restaurants, hotels and food industries are heavily exposed to large temperature variations and continuously in contact with food. In order to enhance food safety, we constantly have to promote a high level of hygiene in the production and processing of food. Stainless steel is among the most common materials used for such purposes, as it ensures effective cleaning. One of the most challenging parts of cleaning in the food industry includes dealing with greases, derived from vegetable and animal fats. High temperatures allow grease to dry, which makes it even more difficult to remove. Traditional cleaners only work on thin layers of grease and fail to remove limescale residue, where dirty particles continue to accumulate.

ProfiTreat INX is specially designed to clean stainless steel surfaces, as it effectively removes greasy buildups as well as limescale, leaving a streak-free shine. ProfiTreat INX is slightly abrasive. Tiny particles contribute to better mechanical cleaning without damaging the surface.

ProfiTreat INX is great for: kitchen sinks, countertops, exhaust hoods, microwave and oven exteriors, stainless steel toasters, steamers, pots, taps and other items made of stainless steel, chromium, nickel and ceramics.