ProfiTreat STN
Professional stone cleaner for monuments, tombstones and tile

Tombstones and monuments are constantly exposed to the weather. Due to elements found in rainwater, snow and fog, remains of limescale become visible on memorial stones, made of porous materials, such as are natural, sanded or polished stone. This makes the surface rough, with lots of holes and pores, where dirt and mud can accumulate, which eventually leads to algae and moss regrowth. Excessive scrubbing would damage the surface, making it even rougher, while choosing the wrong cleaning agent can be harmful to plants and damage metallic inscriptions on tombstones.

ProfiTreat STN is a premium non-chlorine cleaning agent, which effectively cleans natural and artificial stone without damaging the surface. Using ProfiTreat STN requires no scrubbing, as the agent breaks down the dirt and removes it. Soil, accumulated on stone surfaces, is bound by hydrophobic substances, which cannot be washed from the surface. ProfiTreat STN contains components that break down such substances, so they can be easily removed from the surface along with dirt, algae and moss.
Areas with heavy moss may require the use of ProfiTreat ALG. Rinse thoroughly and continue cleaning with ProfiTreat STN. Regardless of what cleaner you choose, it is advised to protect ornamental plants around monuments and gravestones prior to cleaning. Test the product in a small hidden area before use.

ProfiTreat STN is great for: natural and artificial stone surfaces (granite, marble, sandstone, slate, limestone, etc.), such as: tombstones, monuments, sculptures, fountains, walls, floors, staircases, roof tiles.