ProfiTreat ALG
Professional mold and algae stain remover

Moisture and high humidity can often lead to molds and mildew. It is important to control such biological growth since it is not only repellent, but also has a potential to cause health problems. Using conventional mold removers has a short-term effect – despite cleaning and scrubbing the surface, small fragments of algae and mold often remain intact, especially on porous surfaces (tile grouts), which leads to mold regrowth.

ProfiTreat ALG is more than just a cleaning agent. It suppress and completely eliminates all kinds of mold, mildew or algae. Its unique biocidal properties prevent their regrowth for a longer period. Apply ProfiTreat ALG directly to the contaminated surface without pre-cleaning. A single application is sufficient for complete removal of molds and stains. While handling the product, use of protective equipment (clothing, gloves, eyewear) is recommended, as it contains chlorine.

ProfiTreat ALG is great for: walls, facades, grout, ceramic tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, etc.