ProfiTreat FPL
Professional fireplace cleaner

Wood, coal and pellets are most frequently used as fuels in fireplaces and bread ovens. Combustion produces smoke, containing volatile, as well as non-volatile components, present in soot. Considering the fact that smoke comes in contact with almost all parts of the furnace, the soot particles stick to the surface and harden, making a basis for accumulation of more adhesive particles. Dirt buildups in fireplaces are often difficult to remove, as they contain fats, bound with soot. Conventional cleaning agents are not always effective, when it comes to cleaning greasy and sooty surfaces around furnaces, bread ovens, fireplace inserts, fireplace glass doors, etc. Scrubbing such surfaces can lead to permanent damage, so it is best to avoid it.

ProfiTreat FPL is a premium cleaner that effectively cleans your furnace without damaging the surface. ProfiTreat FPL acts in two phases. Alkaline components hydrolyze grease, enabling cleaning components to penetrate to dirt and dissolve it. Just one application will completely remove all components of dirt, leaving your fireplace clean and shiny in less than 15 minutes.

ProfiTreat FPL is great for: stone, brick, cast iron and glass surfaces of fireplaces and bread ovens.

ProfiTreat FPL is not recommended for: painted and varnished surfaces, wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, zinc)