ProfiTreat CFE
Professional coffee machine cleaner

Coffee machines require regular cleaning and maintenance, especially in bars and restaurants, where their use is frequent. Inadequate cleaning and traces of impurities inside the tubes often affect the taste of coffee, so proper cleaning is highly recommended. Limescale deposits and grime are found in the core of the coffee machine, and are therefore unable to be detected. Frequent use of coffee machines in hard water areas and improper mainainance can increase risks of pipe blockage leading to damage, caused by excessive limescale accumulation.

Cleaning your coffee machine regularly while using high quality cleaning products eliminates dirt and prevents problems, associated with hard water. ProfiTreat CFE is a professional cleaning agent, which effectively removes limescale and dirt deposits. Special formula decomposes and fully removes impurities, while simultaneously slowing down their re-accumulation. ProfiTreat CFE’s unique composition is designed to completely eliminate factors that affect coffee flavor. ProfiTreat CFE is recommended for general use, for various cappuccino and espresso machines.