ProfiTreat BBQ
Professional barbecue cleaner

The majority of the dishes, cooked on a barbecue, contain fats. Grease, derived from fats, sticks to the grill grates along with excess food and hardens as the grill cools off. If the bars are not properly cleaned, the gunk will loosen with the following use due to high temperatures and cling to the food, which can affect its taste. Consuming decomposed fats may also be harmful to your health, since they can generate potentially carcinogenic compounds. A similar process takes place inside ovens. Tiny droplets of grease accumulate in the oven’s interior and build up on the walls. Burnt-on grease is difficult to remove by scrubbing; it can also damage the grill bars and oven interiors.

ProfiTreat BBQ acts in two phases. Alkaline components soften and hydrolyze burnt grease and organic remains, while cleaning components dissolve degradation products, which can then be easily rinsed off the surface.

ProfiTreat BBQ is great for: barbecues and grill bars, steamers, baking tins, cookers and ovens.

ProfiTreat BBQ is not recommended for: polished surfaces, plastic, aluminum or zinc, self-cleaning ovens.