ProfiTreat CNV
Professional canvas cleaner for tents, tarpaulins and awnings

Tarpaulins, awnings, and canopies are used as protection from bad weather, so their surfaces are constantly exposed to extreme conditions, such as sunlight, wind, water and dust. Needless to say, dust and dirt rapidly accumulate on areas, made of porous textiles, such as canvas. Grime and dirt usually contain grease, resin and similar adhesive particles that stick to the surface, making it an ideal algae and moss growth medium. If such surface is not completely dry, there is also a risk of mold contamination. Stains on canvas areas are persistent and difficult to remove using traditional cleaners, since their performance is usually limited to a certain type of soiling (eg. degreasers). Large canvas areas are also impractical to clean using conventional cleaners, as they often demand mechanical cleaning.

ProfiTreat CNV is a cleaner with multifunctional performance, which effectively removes various types of dirt, such as limescale residue, grease, dust particles, moss, algae, and molds. ProfiTreat CNV acts simultaneously on various components of dirt. It effectively dissolves limescale residue, while hydrolyzing greasy components and making them water soluble and easier to rinse from the surface. After the area has been treated with ProfiTreat CNV, its active ingredient form a protective film – as a result, future cleaning gets easier. Rinsing your canvas surfaces with water or using a pressure washer will remove any contamination and biological growth, since it can no longer cling to such surface.

ProfiTreat CNV is great for: tents, tarpaulins, awnings, canopies, curtainsiders, etc.