ProfiTreat trademark represents a line of advanced, high quality cleaning products for professional use with outstanding nourishing and protection properties.

  • Advantages
  • Premium quality
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Superb nourishing properties
  • Great protective qualities
  • Low quantity consumption
  • Less frequent need for cleaning
  • Mega functionality

ProfiTreat cleaning products are designed to remove tough stains of all kinds easily and more effectively compared to ordinary all-purpose cleaners.
Trusted formulations designed by our team of highly skilled professionals.
Clean. Nourish. Protect.

  • Where to use:
  • Ceramics, marble, natural stone, tombstones
  • Mold, mildew and algae
  • Bathrooms
  • Household (grills, ovens)
  • Outdoors; yard, terrace, balcony (stone staircases, railings ...)
  • Vacation vehicles and equipment (campers, caravans, tents, awnings, canopies)
  • Vessels
  • Fireplaces and furnaces
  • Hotels and restaurants (kitchens, equipment)